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  1. Angular grinding machine is cutting the metal and a lot of spark

    Blockchain Foundry Deploys Syscoin 4.0 and Releases Syscoin Spark Wallet

    Toronto, ON ? June 10th, 2019: Blockchain Foundry Inc. (?BCF? or the ?Company?) (CSE:BCFN) is pleased to announce that it has successfully deployed Syscoin 4.0, the latest version of the Syscoin blockchain. Syscoin is an open source blockchain protocol which underpins BCF?s proprietary development efforts, including its patent pending Z-DAG blockchain scalability solution. Syscoin 4.0…

  2. Syscoin Spark Wallet

    Spark an Idea with Syscoin Spark

    Spark an Idea with Blockchain Foundry’s Syscoin Spark Wallet. Custom made for your project. Send and receive Syscoin and SPTs ( Syscoin Protocol ) Tokens.

  3. Binary code data software

    Syscoin 4.0 Upgrade: Sequence of Events

    Bringing scalability to the blockchain ecosystem, the Syscoin 4.0 upgrade is extremely important to the Syscoin protocol and blockchain technology at-large; an upgrade of this scale has many steps, so we wanted to provide a brief detail of the upcoming events for the upgrade. WARNING: To ensure the security of your funds, please do not…

  4. Real estate, mortgage loans and paperwork

    Blockchain Foundry and Noteblock Partner to Develop Tokenized Real Estate Platform

    Toronto, ON ? May 30th, 2019: Blockchain Foundry Inc. (?BCF? or the ?Company?), a leading North American blockchain development firm, has entered into the first phase of a blockchain development and marketing agreement (the ?Agreement?) with Noteblock, a blockchain-based tokenized real estate lending firm based in Detroit, Michigan. Valued at C$170,000, the Agreement is for…

  5. Cheetah

    Whiteblock Testing: Syscoin?s Z-DAG TPS Benchmark Results

    Whiteblock was commissioned by Blockchain Foundry to provide a transparent and accurate picture of the transaction speed and scalability achieved by Syscoin Platform Tokens (?SP Tokens?) via it’s Z-DAG technology.

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