Blockchain Foundry Launches Revolutionary Platform for Business Services, Built Entirely on the Syscoin Blockchain

Toronto, September 12, 2017. Following several months of testing and an unprecedented and successful security audit, Blockchain Foundry Inc. (“Blockchain Foundry” or the “Company”) is proud to officially launch the long-awaited desktop release of its revolutionary Blockmarket Desktop application. Powered by the Syscoin blockchain and its world-first decentralized marketplace, Blockmarket brings a user-friendly graphical interface to the new and complex world of digital currencies.

A Completely Free Application That secures Your Identity, Sales, Purchase, Data and Private Communications

Syscoin is a blockchain protocol based on Bitcoin, but with the addition of a range of innovative features aimed at commercial and business applications. All of the features and services provided on Syscoin are backed by an immutable, auditable and secure public ledger known as a blockchain.

Blockmarket Desktop brings many of Syscoin’s features to life, enabling users to have a unique identity on the network, buy and sell products, data and services, transfer and secure data as well as communicate privately. “These features are all available at your fingertips right now, in one desktop application, fully decentralized and secured by the blockchain,” said Dan Wasyluk, CEO of Blockchain Foundry.

Blockmarket Desktop is available for Windows and Apple OS and can be downloaded at

Building A User-Friendly Decentralized Marketplace: Blockmarket Web

Blockmarket Desktop is the first product in a series of releases planned by Blockchain Foundry. The next planned release is Blockmarket Web, which will allow anyone with access to the internet to use Syscoin’s blockchain-backed services via a secure website, using only a username and password to access their account.

About Syscoin

Syscoin is a blockchain protocol that provides businesses and individuals the ability to trade goods, assets, digital certificates, and data securely. The Syscoin token trades under the symbol “SYS” on leading digital asset exchanges including Bittrex (, Poloniex (, BTC38 ( and Changelly ( For more information please visit

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