Spark an Idea with Syscoin Spark Wallet

Opening the door for vast ecosystems of projects using the Syscoin blockchain, Syscoin Spark is Blockchain Foundry’s newest Syscoin desktop wallet designed for clients looking to spark their project with the blockchain and available for free to the Syscoin community.

Syscoin Spark Wallet

Spark Wallet, send and receive Syscoin and SPTs ("Syscoin Platform Tokens")

Designed for clients

Spark makes it easy for Blockchain Foundry clients to have their very own custom wallet based on their SPT(Syscoin Platform Token).

Featuring an extensible branding framework, Syscoin Spark Wallet allows Blockchain Foundry to quickly and easily customize the look and functionality for client use cases. Spark allows Blockchain Foundry clients to provide a branded, secure, easy to use experience to their communities for interacting with SPTs.

The first example of a branded deployment can be seen in’s desktop wallet for LODE and AGX tokens.

LODE and AGXPay Wallet
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Spark Wallet in action with LODE & AGXPay

Available to the crypto community

Now available to the community, completely free of charge*. Send and receive Syscoin and SPTs; in a matter of seconds, create and distribute a token for your project with ease.

*Extremely low-cost Syscoin Network fees are required to use services on the blockchain



For troubleshooting, join the Syscoin support portal on the Syscoin Community Wiki.


To report a problem or enhancements, create a free account with Github if you haven’t already done so, and join The Spark Github “issues” page.

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