Blockchain technology is quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought after technologies. Leveraging this technology in daily operations provides many benefits to companies seeking to improve how they interact with their technological ecosystems.

Our Hybrid Blockchain technology can be used in many ways by companies and governments alike. 

The benefits of these use cases? 
Scalability, improved security, increased redundancy in your systems, transparency, traceability, and reliability. These benefits allow you to reduce overhead costs, increase trust in your systems, and maintain 100% uptime.



Business licenses are important to day-to-day commerce. Blockchain Foundry can provide governments with a simple solution to issuing, validating and maintaining data for these licenses

Reduce – the administrative burden to report transactions to authorities
Minimize – the time taken by tax authority audits because of the reliability and transparency of data in the blockchain
Secure – Public and private keys allow data to be encrypted and sent to another party, so that only that party can access the encrypted data

Leveraging blockchain technology to tokenize your assets is promising to change how you interact with your industrial, commercial, and technological ecosystems. This powerful process can be deployed in many ways to ensure you receive the most out of your systems.
Blockchain Foundry has the experience.

Dramatically reduce fraud occurences with KYC Compliant Blockchain-Based identities. Reduce the occurence of lost or mismatching social security cards, identity disputes and provide authorities with easy access to verification of identification documents.

The movement of tax invoices can be addressed in the blockchain using public and private keys, preventing unapproved parties from accessing  invoices.

Traditional city permits typically involve several long and complex processes, generating significant paper trails and requiring extensive work and identity verification. Blockchain technology can make the permit application and approval process easier and safer for everyone involved.

Increase voting participation by providing your citizens with convenient online voting and the confidence that their vote is protected from fraud, all with a reduction in your administration cost.

Driver’s licences have for a long time been an essential part of living in the world. Blockchain Foundry can provide governments with a simple solution to issuing, validating and maintaining data for these licenses.

National Insurance Cards are imperative citizens’ well-being. Blockchain Foundry can provide governments with a simple solution to issuing, validating and maintaining data for these licenses.

Use blockchain technology to reduce the occurrence of lost or mismatching titles, ownership disputes, and provide tax authorities with transparency in respect of land transactions, recording accurate transfers of value as they occur in real time.

Leverage blockchain technology for simple maintenance record management; reduce fraud and provide your citizens with transparent budget spending

Blockchain Foundry can help you harness the power of the blockchain throughout the vehicle registry process; track and maintain vehicle registration files.

Certificates are an important way to protect consumers, by letting them know that who they are dealing with is certified to perform a particular action. Blockchain Foundry makes the certification process easier for all parties.

Reduce the occurence of lost documents, documentation disputes and provide everyone with a transparent, easily tracked document trail



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