Blockchain Foundry nominated as blockchain company of the year

TORONTO, Nov. 14, 2019. Blockchain Foundry Inc. (“BCF”  or the  “Company”)  (CSE:BCFN)(FWB:8BF)(OTC:BLFDF), a leading North American blockchain development firm, has been  nominated as Blockchain Company of  the Year by the Fifth Annual Canadian FinTech & AI Awards in Toronto. The  winners will be announced at the award ceremony on November 18, 2019.

“It is an honor to be nominated as one of the top blockchain companies in  the country. Over the  past several  years, we  have worked  hard to  successfully bring innovation to the blockchain space  and beyond. This year we rolled  out new technology that allows for instant and scalable blockchain transactions. This means that enterprises can  enjoy the cost-saving benefits of  blockchain technology without compromising on speed and scalability. We are also  working on  creating  links  between  promising  blockchain  projects,  including  our upcoming Syscoin Bridge which will allow Ethereum projects to benefit from our scalability and throughput innovations,” said Dan Wasyluk, CEO of BCF.

BCF will be  competing with other  Canadian blockchain companies  for the  top spot in the  category of “Blockchain  Company of the  Year”. Presented by  The Digital Finance Institute, the Canadian Fintech & AI Awards celebrate Canadian innovation in 16 different categories,  hosting over 3,000 attendees from  the banking, legal, finance, tech, startup and blockchain communities.

About Blockchain Foundry Inc.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Blockchain Foundry (CSE:BCFN)(FWB:8BF)(OTC:BLFDF) is a global  blockchain consulting and development  firm. BCF  develops  and  commercializes  decentralized ledger technology, custom blockchain solutions  and smart  contracts for  enterprise clients.

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