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Blockchain Foundry is here to help you actualize your business blockchain vision.
We provide custom blockchain consulting, development and integration solutions that will help leverage blockchain technologies to solve your business problems and help you build a better future.

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  • Blockchain Foundry can help your company expand into the blockchain space. Our expert team of developers has over 35 combined years of blockchain industry experience. It’s not just theory, but real-life expertise building working solutions to help you succeed.

  • Still in the design phase of your project? Looking for an expert to weigh in on your whitepaper or perhaps review your system architecture? Blockchain Foundry is the world’s best blockchain-based business solution consulting and design firm. We offer consulting services for businesses and governments. Get a set of expert eyes on your project. You can count on us to get the job done.

  • Are you looking to integrate blockchain technology into your existing business to enhance or extend your infrastructure? Curious how your business would benefit from leveraging blockchain technology? Interested in reducing IT infrastructure and costs? Do you feel like you are getting the full potential out of all of your system’s features? We offer seamless integration services. Contact us to discuss your specific business needs.

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One Technology. Many Use Cases.

Find out how you can leverage blockchain technology within your organization.

Custom tailored blockchain solutions

Here at Blockchain Foundry, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver quality blockchain solutions. This is made possible by our proven delivery approach.

During your initial consultation, you will be paired with a senior solution architect and a business expert, taking you through our evaluation process. We will evaluate your current and desired end-states to evaluate how blockchain technology can benefit your company.

Contact us today to find out out how you can operationalize blockchain technology within your technology stack.


We’re on a mission to change the way
your software is developed and your data is served.

We believe blockchain technology will fundamentally transform how organizations think about doing business.

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    Blockchain Foundry’s mission is to disrupt markets by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology.

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    We eliminate middlemen, clearing houses, and other mechanisms that can lead to errors, security breaches, or negatively affect your bottom line.

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    This type of technology is critical in markets where a one minute supply chain inefficiency can lead to massive revenue losses.

We believe that blockchain technology is the answer to data security.


With your data security as a primary concern, using blockchain technology to secure your data empowers all of your projects with greater transparency and auditability, enhanced security, improved traceability, increased efficiency and speed, and decentralization. Making it the best solution for businesses worldwide.

Hybrid Blockchain Technology

At Blockchain Foundry, we use Hybrid Blockchain Technology (HBT), this technology maintains scalability of your network,
and works by time-stamping and “anchoring” your data stored off-chain to the blockchain ledger. Each ledger consists of
a set amount of data “anchors” stored in a decentralized fashion


The Blockchain Foundry team has a history of excellent service, custom design creation, and creative solutions for business and government system needs.

About Blockchain Foundry

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    Founded in 2016

  2. icon ribbon award world?s best blockchain solution design

    The world’s best blockchain solution design and development company

  3. icon platform business blockchain development

    Created some of the world’s first blockchain-based business platforms

  4. icon gear Creative solutions that leverage blockchain technology

    Creative solutions that leverage blockchain technology to enhance businesses

  5. icon book blockchain development knowledge and experience

    Unrivaled wealth of blockchain development knowledge and experience

  6. icon shield with checkmark Quality and reliability

    Quality and reliability on every project delivery

What We Do Best


  • Blockchain Application Integration and Implementation
  • UI/UX Design
  • Code Review
  • White Paper Review
  • Token Asset Consulting

We’re the experts

  • Delivering unique and personalized solution designs
  • Easily integrated within existing business systems
  • Solutions built with the end-user experience in mind
  • Token offering technical packages
  • Until now, cutting-edge business systems providing trust and transparency wasn’t possible

We keep great company.

We’re working with some of the biggest names in the blockchain space.

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